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our services

  • Coaching and mentoring leaders on their mindsets and behaviours in the face of complex challenges: encouraging the reflection about the changes that need to start within

  • Organizational development consulting and diagnosis: co-creating and seeing new perspectives

  • Seeding experiments on strategy, structure, talent, processes and rewards, as well as on rituals of communication: unleashing key collective capabilities and strengthening the health of organizational culture

  • Supervision of a community of internal change agents: providing support for their development, restoring their motivation and overseeing their ethical norms and practices 

  • Accompaniment of founders, senior management and investors in partnership in long-term evolution and metamorphosis in their relationships with each other: facilitating healthy transitions, exits, generational changes, successions, and shifts in governance 


Sector Expertise

Media and Entertainment


Multi-Channel Retail

Internet Advertising

Geographies: Europe, North America and Sub-Saharan Africa


Pro Bono 

Autism and Participative Democracy

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