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Sean Lafleur


Canadian and French, 56. Sean brings his experience as a turnaround and transformation-leading CEO to his practice as a consultant, mentor and executive coach. 

When he founded Flower in 2005 he already had 15 years of media and technology leadership experience, including co-leading the Trader.com NASDAQ and Paris IPO and turning around MakeMusic, a world leader in music software as its Chairman and CEO. He was recruited by Google as a director in 2010 to build up its business and technology operations and support leaders across EMEA, which he did through August 2019 as Google grew from 3000 to 13000 employees in the region. He became known across Google - and with his clients - for caring, creative and high-impact engagements which shift perspectives, build trust and make a lasting difference to organisational health and well-being. His board-level experience in both public and private companies allows him to serve startups, small, medium and large organisations at times of transformation and critical challenge in their growth and governance. 

As a coach and consultant, Sean combines the hard skills of strategy and organisation consulting from McKinsey & Company where he began his career, with seasoned coaching and facilitation skills for individuals, teams and organizations honed from a wide range of experiences, influences and partnerships. His work has included internal executive coaching and facilitation with Google’s senior leaders; facilitating for the Society for Organizational Learning (SOL); and being an expert facilitator at EVH, a humanistic leadership association. He is currently pursuing certifications at a professional level as an executive coach and supervisor at Ashridge and at International Mozaik (ICF). Sean’s practice spans the range from coaching individual executives and leadership teams, to co-designing and leading large-scale interventions (groups of 50 -150) which engage collectives of leaders, managers and employees as well as other stakeholders.  

From 2000 to 2004 he was Chairman and CEO of MakeMusic. He was previously VP Internet of Trader Classified Media, and Executive VP, Bertelsmann Direct Group. He worked as a consultant with McKinsey & Company in Toronto after writing as an intern journalist on science and technology for The Economist. He has a physics degree from UBC and an MBA from INSEAD

He is married, father of two young adults and is a passionate guitarist-composer, squash and tennis player. He leads and supports systems innovation to create and sustain inclusive experiences for people with autism. 

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Christopher Peterson


American and French, 62. Christopher is an experienced coach and facilitator accompanying senior executives and teams, primarily in large organizations.


Christopher is co-founder of Terres Inconnues, coaching organizations and leaders during moments of strong transformation. He seeks to develop partnerships to co-create the leadership mindsets, postures and frameworks to develop “Learning Organizations” by creating an underlying culture of collaboration in multicultural environments. He believes that co-leadership, collective decision making, subsidiarity and collective intelligence are paramount to addressing some of the complex issues facing all organizations.  


He is at ease working with groups of 30 to several hundred people, enhancing communication and involvement of participants.  He contributes to the development of his field by co-facilitating events (e.g. the Paris International SOL Forum) and participating in associations (e.g. President of ICF France in 2012/2013).


Married, a father and a grandfather, Christopher is passionate about presencing – what physical, emotional, mental and spiritual practices to put in place individually and collectively to be ever so more alive and effective. He is the co-author with Dominique Bessière of the book Les Voies de la Présence.

Anne Tricault

French, 55. Anne has been a coach and a personal development trainer for 15 years after 15 years of operational experience at Danone.  Her lively curiosity allows her to build close relationships with a wide range of actors, from people working in the field to project managers and senior leaders, in both non-profits and businesses, and across scientific, commercial and caregiving professions. 

Her approach is person-centred, focusing on her clients’ deep potential. She works with the PRH method (Personnalité et Relations Humaines). She enjoys working within learning collectives where human potential is valued and considered essential, a source of sustainable, ecological performance. 

In her individual client work she seeks to help people find and express their uniqueness, their sources of motivation and values - be they active or hidden.  With enthusiasm for working in large group interventions, she seeks to create conditions supporting a working climate that is simple, caring and dynamic, by supporting active listening, the building of a shared vision, and team learning, allowing the emergence of innovative solutions and genuine engagement in a change. 

Married, mother of 2 adults, Anne is passionate about open countrysides and open waters, literature, cinema, dance and the visual arts.

Paul Boursier


French, 54. Paul is, an experienced consultant and coach, accompanying managing leaders in small and mid-cap companies. 


He is CEO and founder of Give2Grow. After 30 years of professional experience, including 20 years as a manager with a strong experience in build-ups (more than 40 acquisitions in 15 years), Paul developed an effective and original method to organize, plan and successfully integrate acquisitions. He co-founded Infopro Digital, one of the top BtoB media companies in Europe, and spent several years in the US working on the integration of companies in the packaging industry sector. 


Paul is a business angel, investing in IOT and data start-ups and also in impact investment funds.

Married with two children, Paul lives outside Paris. He is a passionate singer and photographer.

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